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Baby Sleeping Bag Tog and Care Information

Here is an explanation of sleeping bag 'Tog' ratings. The tog rating indicates how warm the baby sleeping bag is and what temperature room the baby sleeping bag is suitable for.

0.5 Tog Baby Sleeping Bags

0.5 Tog baby sleeping bags are suitable for very hot nurseries, hot summer months and summer holidays. There is no padding inside the 100% cotton lining of the sleeping bag, therefore giving the equivalent of a sheet covering. This tog sleeping bag is suitable for use with room/nursery temperatures of 24°C and above.

1.0 Tog Baby Sleeping Bags

1.0 Tog baby sleeping bags are suitable for summer months and daytime naps when nursery temperatures become warmer. The sleeping bag has a slight padding for warmth. This tog sleeping bag is suitable for use with room/nursery temperatures between 18°C and 24°C.

2.5 Tog Baby Sleeping Bags

2.5 Tog baby sleeping bags are suitable for all year round, except peak summer temperatures. The internal padding is thicker than 1.0 tog sleeping bags. 2.5 tog sleeping bags are suitable for use with room/nursery temperatures between 15°C and 21°C.

3.5 Tog Baby Sleeping Bags

3.5 Tog baby sleeping bags are suitable for winter temperatures. These are our thickest sleeping bags, for maximum warmth. 3.5 tog sleeping bags are suitable for use with room/nursery temperatures between below 15°C.

These are guidelines only. Always ensure that you baby cannot slip down inside The Dream Bag when it is done up and your baby can freely kick their legs.

What your baby should wear with the Dream Bag

Use the table as a guide of what your baby should wear with their baby sleeping bag, depending on the nursery temperature but always check you baby is not overheating or too cold. Recommended nursery temperature is 18'C

Dream Bag sizes and Togs

Safety First

  • Always follow the Feet to Foot rule when putting your baby to sleep, place your baby on their back with their feet to the foot of the cot.
  • Never use any other blankets, sheets or other bedding with a baby sleeping bag
  • Use the above as a guideline only, check your baby is not overheating
  • Keep away from fire


Please view each individual design descriptions for specific material composition, as this varies by design. All of our baby sleeping bags have a 100% cotton lining and zipper tabs. Our side opening baby sleeping bag has two poppers on each shoulder and a zip that extends from around the bottom of the bag, up the one side to underneath the arm. Our front opening sleeping bags have a zip that unzips from the top of the sleeping bag below the neck, to the bottom of the sleeping bag.

We recommend that you have two sleeping bags in use at any one time, in case of soiling. Sleeping bags will need to be replaced approximately every 9 months to ensure that the quality of the tog remains of the best quality, which may gradually deplete with constant washing and drying.

Dream Bag Washing Instructions

Washing Instructions Wash like colours together.

We strongly advise to wash The Dream Bag inside out and to fasten all zips and poppers. This will prevent the fastenings catching or ripping during washing and drying.

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